Service buildings

Vedersø Klit Camping can offer modern facilities. The campground has a family bathroom, where there is plenty of room for taking children to the bathroom. We have 4 shared bathrooms and showers in the two toilet buildings, as well as a steam room, whirlpool, and solarium. We also have 2 kitchens with gas stoves and ovens.

We have a common room where you’ll find games and books, a billiard table and more. So, there is ample opportunity for passing the time.

The campgrounds also contains lots of facilities full of activities!

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It's easy to shop your groceries at Vedersø Klit Camping

We have a large supermarket at the campground, Let-Køb, with prices that most people can afford. You can go shopping with the whole family in peace and quiet. There is fresh bread every day from the baker in Hvide Sande. Customer-friendly opening hours.

Restaurant Havtorn - when good food is also part of the holiday

Right beside the supermarket is Restaurant Havtorn. They serve good traditional Danish food, with local ingredients such as fresh fish from Thorsminde, and potatoes and vegetables from Sdr. Nissum.

Order a table at: +45 22 49 00 50

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