Single camping

Why take a holiday alone, when you can share it with others?

Vedersø Klit Camping offers single camping, where you get a wonderful holiday together with your children and other singles. Give the children a unique holiday and a good experience with lots of cosy moments and activities. Take them along on a camping and cottage holiday, where they can meet and play with lots of new playmates. All while you can enjoy yourself with the other singles, read a good book or just enjoy the sun, the pool, nature and the beach.

As always, single camping is kept to a reserved area, close to the facilities and pool. A project manager will be on-site each week, where we create the framework so that you can have the perfect holiday as a family while at the same time having the opportunity to meet other families. We set up a common tent and shared grill, which makes it possible to have shared meals and many cosy evenings. We lay the framework, but you decide what your holiday will be used for. We have activities nearly every day on the campground.

The campground has single camping during weeks 27, 28, 30, 31 & 32.

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